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Retail Store Operations


Optionally scan a drivers license, add a customer, or quickly ring sales. Sales can be easily suspended until the 4473 is filled. coreSTORE supports waiting periods if your state requires them.

Special Orders

Ring up special orders for items that aren’t in stock and check your distributor’s inventory. Minimum deposits can be required on a special order, as well as receive open order alerts.


Sales can be paid over time via our suspended sales module. Report outstanding layaways and add payments as they are paid. Customers can make layaway payments using coreCLEAR.

Payment Options

Customers can easily exchange one item for another within one transaction. Quickly swap out an item; even if it’s not an even exchange, coreSTORE will figure that out.


When trading a firearm in, your bound book will be updated, the item sold will dispose, and the trade-in item will be acquired. Full bound book integration makes your life easier.

Returns & Refunds

You can easily process partial returns or full refunds by scanning the customer’s receipt or searching for the previous sale. You can also ring up a new return.


Accept items and set up a default percentage to charge the consignor, along with a fixed fee. Print a report showing what consignments sold and even cut a check to pay the consignor.


If you rent items, you can track them. Set up any number of rental items, with flexible rates, times, and multiple rate types for rental items. Set up your lanes and rates if you own a gun range.

Store Accounts

When making a return instead of refunding the payment, you can also offer your customer credit on their store account. They can then use this credit for a future transaction.


You can easily create an invoice from a sale and email or print the invoice. Customers can log into your online payment portal to view their open invoices and make payments on them.

Estimates & Quotes

Set up estimates and quotes for customers, and either email or print them. When the customer is ready to buy, pull up their quote and convert it into a sale, layaway, or special order.

Work Orders

The work order is a comprehensive and fully integrated module that is included in coreSTORE. You can print, track the status, and easily assign work orders.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Do whole or partial inventory counts and stay up to date with email inventory alerts and warnings.

Purchase Orders

Create automatic purchase orders based on reorder and replenish levels. Automatically email this to your supplier.

Transfer Stock

Easily transfer inventory between locations via our receiving module. This makes transfers a breeze.

Barcode Label Printing

Easily create barcode labels for your products when they arrive in your store or on-demand.

Serial Numbers

You can now manage items with serial numbers and assign different prices depending on the serial number.

Buyer Assistant

Our buyer assistant will help you better manage your inventory. Buy what you need when you need it, review recommendations, and only end up with inventory you need.

Easy Inventory Counts

Do whole/partial inventory counts and stay up to date with email inventory alerts and warnings. Use mobile devices to count your inventory. Multiple employees can count inventory at the same time.

Item Attributes & Variations

Item attributes help you keep track of color, size variations, and more in your products for inventory and sales.

Item Kits

Bundle items together when you have one or more that you want sold together for one list price. Item kits allow you to still keep track of your individual inventory.

Assembly Items

Track your build process. coreSTORE will alert you if you don’t have enough raw materials. Assembly can include non-stock items, like labor, to properly calculate cost.

Cost Price Averaging

Cost price averaging is a powerful feature to have an accurate representation of profit and to properly report your inventory costs and cost of goods sold.

Barcode Printing

Easily print pricing labels or shelf labels. Our barcode labels can be completely customized and you can have an unlimited number of barcode label templates.

Digital Price Tags

Digital Enablers

Digital tags are digital enablers for E-coupons, promotions, mobile payments, pricing automation, stockout detection, marketing, and visual workforce management.

E-Ink Technology

E-Ink differs from other display technology by producing a more natural look, visually similar to actual paper.


coreTAGs have no wires, making placement and management a clean and easy experience.

Long Battery Life

An average battery life of five years makes coreTAGs low maintenance.

Multi Colored

A tricolor display, using black, white, and red, gives you options to make important information stand out.

Micro Web Pages

Digital tags are “micro web pages” that display essential omnichannel data. Enhances the in-store user experience by helping staff and shoppers make informed decisions.

Seamless & Modern

Sleek and modern, digital tags fit every environment seamlessly. Thinner than any tag before, it adds a modern touch to every store.


All tags sync together to be seamlessly managed from coreSTORE.


Easily create tags that garner the highest level of attention from your customers.


coreTAGs enable you to save time and money by reducing waste, providing stock status, wayfinding indoor nav, and more!

Automated Updates

Items that are date/time driven will have tags automatically update when the pricing rule takes effect. Once the price rule is no longer valid, the tags update again.

LED Alerts

Grab your customers attention by activating the built in LED light on a tag. A great way to easily locate an item, or let your customers know that the item is on sale.

Additional Features

Cash Management

Easily track cash in the register and manage additions and removals. Reporting is also available to easily track shortages and overages.


Get comprehensive insights into your business with 40+ detailed reports designed for you.

Employee Onboarding

Unlimited training makes employee on-boarding fast and simple.

Multiple Locations

Designed so you can easily add store locations as your business requirements change.


Track employee commissions easily, down to the item level. Very flexible on how commissions can be applied.

Tier Pricing

Set different price levels for inventory. Assign a customer to a tier so you can ensure they always get the right price!

Email Receipts

You can easily set up coreSTORE to send receipts, invoices, and purchase orders to customers and suppliers via email.

Employee Time Clock

Easily track your employees’ time on the job with an integrated time clock feature.

Internal Messaging

Send messages and announcements to all of your employees and they will see them when they log in.

eCommerce Integration

Easily sync inventory, item images, categories, and tags with a Coreware or AmmoReady website. Online and retail stores will be in sync real time.

Item Variations

Create different sizes, colors, or any attributes you define for your items. Track inventory down to the variation and even have different prices per variation.

Cross Platform Compatibility

coreSTORE runs on any operating system, or you can use our Android or iOS mobile app.

Custom Views

Choose the fields you want to display for items, kits, customers, suppliers, and employees.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to the sales screen, work orders, customers, inventory, bound book, employees, and more.

Data Import & Export

Import items, customers, suppliers, POs, receivings, sales, work orders, employees, gift cards, and bound books. Export what you want, when you want it. With coreSTORE, your data is yours.

Customer Facing Display

Use a second monitor or tablet to have a customer see the sale as it happens! This allows your customers to make sure the sale is correct.


We have an API for custom development with coreSTORE. This allows for extensive customizations and work flows.

Split Payments

Accept multiple payment forms in cash, credit, debit, or customer payment types during a sale.

Payment Options

In addition to integrated credit card, EBT/EBT processing, cash, check, and gift cards, you can define your custom payment methods.

Custom Receipts

We offer a variety of different configuration options for making your receipts how you want them.

Bank-Level Security

coreSTORE implements stringent security measures to protect your customers and your business.

Gift Cards

Sell and redeem gift cards in our system. You can print gift cards from our partner Plastic Printers or use a company of your choosing.

Coupons & Promotions

Create coupons for specific deals or promotions and print them on customer receipts. “Buy One, Get One” or “Spend $100 get 50% Off” for example.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Create loyalty programs to keep your customers coming back. Choose between two different types of loyalty programs to offer your customers.

Shooting Sports

Unlimited Bound Books

Easily separate your Class 3 sales. Maintain a separate rental firearm and work order book. Or, set up separate books for different firearm types.

Access Anywhere

Work anywhere and manage your store and bound book. It’s easy to take coreFFL with you, using our native iOS and Android apps. If you have multiple locations, easily see what’s happening at each store.

Fast & Easy Searches

Finding the right bound book quickly and easily is essential. Search by name, serial number, address, or any information in the record. Filter your searches, as well as quickly export your results.

Audit Trail

We properly track all changes and edits made in the bound book, along with the history of who made the change and what the changes were.

Unlimited Bound Books

Easily separate your Class 3 sales. Maintain a separate rental firearm and work order book. Or, set up separate books for different firearm types.

Warnings and Alerts

coreFFL warns you about potential compliance violations, including missing critical and required information. Easily identify problems in your bound book and quickly resolve them.

Fast & Easy Searches

Finding the right bound book quickly and easily is essential. Search by name, serial number, address, or any information in the record. Filter your searches, as well as quickly export your results.

Audit Trail

We properly track all changes and edits made in the bound book, along with the history of who made the change and what the changes were.

Compliance Reports

Provided compliance reports show you which firearms have been sitting in inventory for too long, general inventory reports, receiving reports, and much more.

Multi-Firearm Sales

Identify multiple firearm sales to the same individual. During a multi-sale, coreFFL displays an alert and automatically generates and emails a 3310.4s to the ATF and local law enforcement.

Firearm Scanning

Scan firearms into your inventory using the UPC and serial number. Scan multiple serial numbers when receiving large quantities. No more typos or mistakes and huge time savings.

Drivers License Scan

Supporting all state drivers licenses, scan for speed and accuracy. Be alerted when the customers enter different information on the 4473.

Slow Moving Inventory

Easily identify firearms that have been in stock for too long, so you can reduce your inventory costs. Identifying slow moving firearms empowers a business to invest wisely and quickly.

EZ Check Integration

coreFFL integrates directly with the ATF FFL EZ Check database, making it quick and secure to verify and validate an FFL. No need to open a new tab, just click the button and you are all set.

Send Your FFL

Quickly send a digital copy of your FFL via email, along with a message to the receiving store.

Custom Fields

Define your own custom fields to track additional information in the bound book. Custom fields can be optionally printed on the bound book report.

Multi Dispose

Dispose multiple firearms to the same customer all at once, no need to enter the same information multiple times - TIME IS MONEY!


Allows owners and managers to restrict access to certain features by employees. For multi store locations, employees can be assigned to just the locations they work at.

Move Records

Quickly move one or more bound book records to another bound book. This is helpful if you are starting a new book, or mistakenly acquired firearms into the wrong book.

Import & Export via Excel

Export your entire bound book or selected records directly to Excel with a click of a button. You can also import records into the bound book.

Firearm Transfers

Firearm Transfers

You can acquire the firearm and add the customer from an FFL firearm transfer. Using coreSTORE, set up a suspended sale with transfer fees already calculated.

EZ Check Integration

Quickly pull in the FFL’s information if they aren’t already in your database. No need to try their address information. Time is money!

Transfer Status

Set up custom statuses to track the entire transfer, from the time of receiving the transfer to the pickup. Filter the dashboard by status to easily find the transfer you are searching for.


Notify the customer that their transfer is ready for pickup via email or text. Reduce the phone calls by keeping the customer up to date on the status of their transfer.

Transfer Dashboard

Our firearm transfer dashboard allows you to easily see all of the active and completed transfers. Easily search the dashboard to quickly find the customer’s transfer.

Multi-Firearm Transfers

Accept multiple transfers from different FFL’s for one customer without having to enter each separately. Edit existing transfers and add another firearm any time before it is picked up.


Electronic Kiosk

Turn any tablet or computer into a customer facing kiosk, allowing them to fill out the 4473 electronically, quickly, and securely. They can sign the 4473 directly on the device.

Simple Management

Easily store thousands of 4473’s and quickly retrieve a 4473 with the click of a button.

Easy Searches

Search your uploaded 4473’s by name, address, TSN, or serial number to access the form you need when you need it.

Electronic Signatures

Sign your 4473’s electronically using a touch screen, mouse, or even signature pad. Your customers can sign their part electronically as well.

Electronic Storage

Your 4473’s are stored securely in the cloud, can be accessed from anywhere, and there are no limits on the number of 4473’s that you can store.

NICS Integration

Process a background check using a Chrome, Firefox, or Edge extension. No more typing and risking data entry errors, not to mention the time savings.

State Background Check

Currently, we support automating the process in Tennessee and Florida, with additional state support being added. Check with us if your state is not listed.

Local Backup

Whether on Windows or Mac, our coreSTORE FFLSync tool will run in the background and will ensure your 4473’s are backed up locally on your device

Full Audit Trail & Compliance

All supplemental forms for a transaction are electronically attached at the end of the 4473’s for continuity and ease of review.

Printing 4473's

Quickly print a 4473 directly from your system, or optionally email it.

Use our native coreSTORE iOS or Android customer experience.

Key Features

coreILLA is packed with a wide range of features, each designed to help you achieve your business goals.

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Unlimited Users

Unlimited Contacts

Sales Pipelines

Native Mobile App

Livechat Module

Google Reviews

Landing Page and Funnels

SMS and Email Campaigns

Two Way Text Email and Calls

Workflow Automation Builder

Custom Business Number

Email Campaign Builder

Scheduling Calendars

coreSTORE Integration

Ad Management and Reporting

Ready-to-Use Templates

Post Blogs and Articles

Social Media Scheduling

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