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coreSTORE is a simple to use and flexible point of sale solution that can easily be configured and enables management of single and multi-location retail operations.

We deliver a uniquely powerful and affordable online solution that exceeds clients' expectations and functions seamlessly on any device, backed by outstanding service and support.

Effortless Selling Made Simple

With coreSTORE, selling your items has never been easier. With time-saving features that allow you to process returns with just one click, handle special orders, work orders, and layaways on one screen, quickly send receipts by email or SMS, and input customer info by scanning their driver's license.

Streamline Inventory Management

Create and send Purchase Orders directly to your suppliers and receive physical items efficiently.

Experience effortless inventory management. coreSTORE allows you create and send purchase orders directly to your trusted suppliers. Once purchase orders are sent, receiving physical items is a breeze. Receiving items into your inventory has never been easier - simply scan the items and they are seamlessly entered into your system, ensuring accurate stock levels and streamlined operations.

Say goodbye to manual processes and embrace the convenience of running coreSTORE.

Simplify Order Fulfillment

Simplify your order fulfillment process with our comprehensive delivery management feature.

coreSTORE allows you to effortlessly create shipping labels directly from the application. Moreover, our system allows you to update your local inventory in real-time as online orders are received, ensuring accurate stock levels and preventing overselling.

When it comes to processing deliveries for your sales, coreSTORE lets you handle it with just one click. Streamline your operations, improve efficiency, and provide exceptional service to your growing loyal customers by harnessing the power of our integrated delivery management tools.

Jumpstart Your Business with the 2525 Plan

Enjoy seamless integration of coreSTORE and coreCLEAR, allowing you to manage your operations and accept payments efficiently from a single platform. This integration eliminates the need for separate systems, reducing complexity and the potential for errors. It also simplifies financial reporting and reconciliation processes, providing a comprehensive view of your business's performance.

Moreover, the combination of coreSTORE and coreCLEAR ensures compliance with firearms regulations, simplifying the management of A&D Bound Books and background checks, which are crucial for businesses dealing with firearms sales.

Key Features

coreSTORE is packed with a wide range of features, each designed to help you achieve your business goals.

Here's a closer look at some of the key features of coreSTORE.


Special Orders



Work Orders

Payment Options

Inventory Management

Purchase Orders

Transfer Stock

Assembly Items

Item Kits

Serial Numbers

Reports and Compliance

Multiple Locations

Tier Pricing

eCommerce Integration

Custom Receipts

Gift Cards

Unlimited Bound Books

Audit Trail

Send Your FFL

Firearm Transfers

e4473 Management

NICS Integration

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What some of our customers have to say about Coreware

What some of our customers have to say about Coreware

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Our mission is to help small business survive and thrive!

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Our mission is to help small business survive and thrive!

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